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by Greg Hoy & The Boys

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PowerLosers 03:06
All the young dudes never wanna fall in love They always have another plan Taking tricks with another little downtown girl Breaking hearts in the promised land Spend the money focus only on the fortune and fame Hourglass slipping sand Think they got all the tricks playing at their game But they never seem to understand Never get enough Never feel the shame Everyone's a loser playing at the same game Never get enough Never feel the shame Everyone's a loser playing at the same game again At the same game again Separate all the liars crucify all the thieves Think your god has other plans Eat the rich sitting pretty on a sunny beach Taking tricks from their biggest fans Breaking backs so familiar it's the only way To satisfy the common man Swinging dicks mystify all the quiet sheep Something I can't understand
People stare as we laugh at ourselves Rather her than anybody else Took some time then we found our own thing Everybody looking for that ring Everyone needs a second chance So much more than a Saturday romance I don't know, I just do what I'm told Never die, never grow old Yea I want you But I don't need you Who's to say that Forever is plenty of time? Take a breath, celebrate all the time Who'da thought a heart could feel this fine? We dance 'cause we got our own beat The puzzle's now complete, yea!
They only take just what they want.
[FYO!] That's what I hear you saying Things yr contemplating after graduating [FYO!] Like a battle crying So much space for lying & nothing satisfying [FYO!] You get there's people dying But you're not even trying - just keep on multiplying [FYO!] Your life is so frustrating Maybe just keep on waiting? Sitting vegetating? You're so happy with your So happy with your You're so happy with your So happy with your phone [FYO!] First you need medication Then some meditation & some mediation [FYO!] Access the situation: Do you need separation or just clarification? [FYO!] Yeah it's a weak foundation Maybe you need vacation to help ease frustration [FYO!] It's a real career ender Maybe go have a bender get a public defender
Let Go! 02:47
Another charade clearing the air Scandal's the same from a rocking chair Cure the disease never too late Sometimes ideas just need a second date Looking for clues scene of the crime Never forget no one gets out here alive A moment's collapse, a shadowy grave A quiet release hope you enjoy your stay Why try to hold on to this for so long when I should just let go? Tap on the phone it's all the rage Can't smell the lemon but there's lemonade Everything's real, everything's now 100º you know it slaughters the cow Gimme an axe taking the chop Keep on coming so it don't ever stop Let's isolate it's all the same Pushing the needle right into the grave
Ruby 04:25
When I'm uptight she comforts me She doesn't fight but she don't come free Ruby!
Hey, you, say hello! Another lost soul stuck on the payroll But paid in full! Let's blow the roof off We'll use a clean cloth You know, to get to that 'hard to reach' spot An innuendo, a slow crescendo You might be a Barbie But I ain't no Ken doll! No I ain't But there's just one thing I can't understand... You got another man?! It's fresh off the showroom floor Can I get a little more? I smell your perfume and I wonder 'Can I get a little closer to you?' Cmon, relax your chokehold, for sale until sold I'm going for that gold, going for that gold! Yes I am!
On The Fence 02:43
Most girls want songs written about them They wanna be the one that got away They'd settle for villains and heartbreakers Or the ones that always had something to say And it's not that I don't think about you It's just none of those parts you could play Most girls want poems written bout them But you're really not worth that yet If I grabbed a pen and paper Not sure how far I'd get I'm so on the fence with you You can take it off or break it off End it tonight or see it through I'm so on the fence with you Some girls want nothing written about them They wanna be the ones that fade away Some guys regret them and forget them Wonder why they didn't stay? And I ain't been listening to a thing you've been saying Yet you're falling in love (falling in love) You keep telling me what a great guy I am While I'm high on drugs


released December 25, 2016

Performed by Greg Hoy, David E. Richman, Harris Pittman
Recorded at Tiny Telephone, Oakland
Mixed at Tiny Telephone Studio A
Engineering/Mix by Jacob Winik
Assisted by Devon Grieder
EXCEPT 'Simplicity Complex' & 'Ruby
Performed by Greg Hoy & Steve Sutherland (Slurry Bombers)
Recorded in Boulder, CO

Embiggened by GH

All songs written by GH/BMI except
'On The Fence' lyrics by Sean Murphy

Spiritual guidance by Jason Slota and John Vanderslice




Greg Hoy & The Boys San Francisco, California

Plug in & play rock and roll ' loud and boisterous, delivered with attitude and flashes of wit' (Stepkid)


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